Submitting Unsolicited Applications to the UN

One of the easiest ways to get an internship placement at the United Nations is to simply send in your CV and a letter stating why you would like to intern with that particular agency. They may or they may not have internships placements available, but we are sure that they will appreciate your expression of interest and there is a need that they think you can fill, they will contact you! Today we would like to feature one of the lesser known UN agencies, UNFPA – the United Nations Populations Fund – and help you out by providing some details of how to send in an unsolicited application.

UNFPA works with population issues, ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health and family planning to improving the lives of youth and women and advancing gender equality. UNFPA collaborate with national governments and NGOs to raise awareness of the above issues and to help support the implementation of programmes that respond to these humanitarian concerns.

If these issues interest you, why not make an unsolicited application to the UNFPA!

UNFPA works in 158 countries globally! Why not write to one of the country office, submit your CV and your expression of interest outlining the skills and attributes you believe can contribute to their team via an internship. Information about each of the country offices can be located on the UNFPA website here. We wish you luck!

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