Enhance your UN internship application with M&E skills

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a critical part of the United Nations and implementing partners project management and implementation. It is also a crucial mechanism necessary for donor reporting and enhancing resource mobilisation opportunities. As a result, if you intern at the UN in any role which is related to project management and implementation you will definitely encounter M&E.

Showing that you have skills, competencies and knowledge in M&E in your UN internship application may be key to getting you that placement you desire. Today we would like to feature a free online course run by UNICEF and other international partners that you can participate in, receive a certificate of accomplishment and add to your CV to attract attention to your skill-set when you apply to the UN for an internship.

mymande.org is a fantastic web platform that provides interesting courses (with short quizzes) to increase your knowledge and skills on M&E and best of all it is all free! With famous lecturers from the UN and other international organisations, this website is a great way to enhance your skills and your CV! For more information on the free available courses check out www.mymande.org

Have a great weekend!

From the team at UN-internships.com

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