Enhance your UN internship application with M&E skills

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a critical part of the United Nations and implementing partners project management and implementation. It is also a crucial mechanism necessary for donor reporting and enhancing resource mobilisation opportunities. As a result, if you intern at the UN in any role which is related to project management and implementation you will definitely encounter M&E.

Showing that you have skills, competencies and knowledge in M&E in your UN internship application may be key to getting you that placement you desire. Today we would like to feature a free online course run by UNICEF and other international partners that you can participate in, receive a certificate of accomplishment and add to your CV to attract attention to your skill-set when you apply to the UN for an internship.

mymande.org is a fantastic web platform that provides interesting courses (with short quizzes) to increase your knowledge and skills on M&E and best of all it is all free! With famous lecturers from the UN and other international organisations, this website is a great way to enhance your skills and your CV! For more information on the free available courses check out www.mymande.org

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increase your knowledge, expand your opportunities

Hello future UN interns!

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Here at UN-internships.org we believe that to expand your opportunities you have to increase your knowledge. One of the keys to having a stand-out internship application to attract the attention of UN Human Resources is to emphasise what knowledge and experiences you have. Even if your work experience is limited, look to other sources of online opportunities to increase your knowledge. Today we would like to feature a great free online seminar that you can attend to gain knowledge and to list as ‘learning experiences’ in your CV to attract the attention you deserve when applying for that coveted internship position…

Free online UNOPS Seminar on Sustainable Project Management
Project management skills are a must for any field job within the United Nations. Typically, social science university courses do not provide a wealth of opportunities for students to expand on their project management knowledge and skills. This free online UNOPS seminar is a great way for you to get an insight into how the operational arm of the UN coordinates and manages projects with a focus on sustainability.
To find out more about the UNOPS seminar to be held on 28 November 2013 and how to register please see the UNOPS website here.

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Later this week we will be sharing with you a list of some of the UN Internship vacancies worldwide currently open for application. Don’t forget, you have to be in it to win it, never doubt your ability to go out and reach your dreams!

And the fantastic ebook on getting the UN internship of your dream will be coming out in the next few weeks – this will be a great resource with a wealth of tips and hints on how to get that foot in the door to further your international development career!

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